Electrical Vehicle Charging Stations

Porter County EV Charger Installation

Faster & More Efficient EV Charging

Electric vehicles are the future virtually everywhere. With gas prices climbing, people everywhere are choosing to limit or even entirely ditch the pump and purchase an electric vehicle or plug-in hybrid. Charging one of these vehicles is incredibly simple and costs way less than a typical tank of gas, but doing it quickly and safely generally requires an electric vehicle charger. At Ellis Electric, we offer EV charger installation in Porter County and throughout the surrounding communities of northwest Indiana, ensuring you can make the most on your investment into your transportation future.

At Ellis Electric, we take pride in doing the job right the first time, and we think it shows in the quality of our work. We complete every EV installation to the highest standards of quality, ensuring that your system is running on a stable and dependable circuit for seamless and safe charging. Our goal is to help you transform your home or business into exactly what you’ve dreamed of, and we do that by providing power exactly where and how you need it. That includes both indoor and outdoor EV charging station installations!

We’re proud to be an Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Training Program-approved contractor! Find out more about installing a charging system in your home or business today! Call Ellis Electric at (219) 300-6493 for more information.

Home EV Charging

If you’re charging your electric vehicle using a standard wall plug, you might be discouraged by the fact that it can take 12 hours or more to bring your car back up to a reasonable charge level. Slow charging is due to the fact that your vehicle itself needs to handle inverting power from AC to DC before sending it to the battery, and the small onboard inverter can only do so much. With a home EV charger, the inverting is handled outside of the vehicle, allowing power to flow into your battery much faster.

At Ellis Electric, we install premium EV chargers from reputable names for a seamless and more straightforward charging experience. Start your day with a full charge and stop sweating having to take regular, expensive trips to the gas pump!

Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Businesses everywhere are opting to do their part for the planet by offering easy and convenient EV charging right in their parking lot or garage. Supplying EV chargers for free or even a dramatically reduced rate is encouraging to EV owners and entices them to stay at your business longer. Your employees who own EV chargers will love being able to access one of these chargers as an added benefit of working for you. And you’ll even improve the image of your business with an appearance of eco-conscious practices.

We offer installation in both indoor and outdoor garages for commercial applications. Commercial-grade chargers typically run on a 240-volt connection (though some can run at higher voltage), and might require some minor construction to place the appropriate lines. Our team also wires your new charger into your electrical panel and control systems for safe operation and can even walk you through the setup process so the charger is working properly.

Let Ellis Electric install your new EV charging system in your home or business! Contact us to learn more today.

Client Testimonials

  • “The two gentlemen that came out from Ellis were super professional and knowledgeable.”

    Kevin W.
  • “They are really good at remodels, re-wires, panel upgrades, and jobs the other guys can't or won't handle.”

    JC A.
  • “The work was done in an incredibly fast time and done correctly. The guys they have working we’re fantastic, very professional and knowledgeable.”

    Jim H.
  • “Ellis Electric has a very professional staff. They are available in any type situation, scheduled or emergency.”

    Jill K.
  • “Ellis Electric has been a true partner with Shinn Builders for many years. Ellis has always been there for us.”

    Paul S.

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